What I'm all about.

I’m a wedding & special events paper goods designer based out of the adorable city of Culver City, California. More importantly, I’m a human being who loves hiking with my friends, rapping along with Aesop Rock, binge-watching the Office all day, everyday (let's be real, they're basically my imaginary co-workers), doing archery and not totally sucking at it, caring for my indoor plants, and eating way too much In-N-Out. My love languages are ice cream and that one video of a cockatiel singing the theme from Totoro. I’m married to my best friend and together we explore the world, hopping on rocks and camping under the stars. 

I’ve been designing wedding invitations for 4 years, now. It has been such an amazing world to be in, surrounded with love and happiness and donut walls. I’m not about mass produced, generic, one-design-fits-all paper goods, because let’s be real, those suck. I want to create something that feels special to you. 
I’m about capturing you two for who you are and what your relationship is. The genuine, quirky, sarcastic, loving, fun, weird love that you have. 

I don’t want to be a storyteller, I want to be a story listener.
Tell me your story, and let’s create something beautiful together.

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